Wood headboards – By Chris Hill

Wood headboards By Chris Hill. The doors proven right here originally measured 34 inches huge 80 inches excessive & had no hardware installed. The headboard is sixty eight inches extensive, inches & 2 inches deep; it suits a queen-length bed. Materials:(three) 12-inch mending plates (1) container of 12 1-inch wood screws (3) 6-inch black gate hinges (2) black gate handles (optional) Tools:Circular Drill A few clamps You can lean the assembled headboard towards the wall (with the backside resting ground), otherwise you can for the duration of it to the wall because of interlocking known as a French cleat. To make a French cleat, you'll need :Table noticed Level 1-to obviously-6--6 board A few 1-inch screws Some 3-inch wood screws To prep the doorways: Measure 66 inches from the top of door and mark a line throughout all the width of the door. Check for & get rid of any hardware inside the route of this line. To assist lower tear-outs and jagged edges while reducing, protecting or blue painter's tape to the lower line. Mark the line again at the tape. Cut the at this length by using a alternative saw with a straightedge at college. Attach the Mending PlatesPosition the best (uncut) ends of the so they line up clamp the in combination. Position a 12-inch mending plate no more than 2 inches from the backside (lower) validated established throughout both meet.

Wood headboards   By Chris Hill
Turn ancient doors into an enthralling headboard with these from a professional woodworker.